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Welcome and healing place in Ardèche

The Place

The Village du Lac is located at more than 1100 m altitude, above the Devesset lake on the Plateau du Lignon-Vivarais in Haute Ardèche. It is accessible to the east by Valence, to the west by Le Puy en Velay, to the north by St Etienne and Lyon.  It has a continental climate and the 4 seasons are fully present... In winter, the place regularly disappears under the snow, it's time for repairs, hot chocolate and walks around the frozen lake. In spring the green flora redraw mountains, forests, meadows and the fauna also shows its face. In summer the sun is the master of the place and it's time for wild blueber ...


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Accommodation and catering

Several possibilities are available to you, from the single room to the room with 2, 3, 4 or 6 single beds or even couples' rooms. We offer balanced and vegetarian meals. The restaurant also has a panoramic terrace to the west and one to the east for sunrise.

The Village du Lac is open all year round and offers sober and pleasant accommodation with full board. It is possible to come in self-catering from November to April. The three buildings Loire, Eyrieux and Doux accommodate several types of rooms, from rooms for 6 people to single rooms. The 6-hectare park of great nature allows the amateurs to find a beautiful personal space to camp.

Catering - At the ovens, cooks and volunteers work to prepare tasty, creative and vegetarian meals. The Association Présence à soi et au monde chooses to source most of its supplies from local and organic agriculture and starts its own garden. The Village du Lac is an alcohol-free place. Meals are prepared every day with fresh produce, in conscience and served at the self in a warm or silent atmosphere depending on the course.

Everyone eats where he or she wishes, alone or accompanied, in the meadow or at the table inside or on the terraces. In winter, we gather around the stove to enjoy delicious soups and gourmet cakes.

The infrastructure is suitable for large groups. In winter, it is possible to rent the kitchen and the place for self-catering.


Volunteering in the lake village is an exchange between you and the association "Présence à soi et au monde". It is the pleasure of working together for the same purpose, of sharing common values, of putting oneself at the service of Nature and the Mystery. You have two choices of accommodation, either in camping or in rooms of 2 or 3. Please specify your choice when you register. If you are camping please bring your own equipment. If you are in a room we provide you with sheets and blankets, however, please bring your own towels. The needs...


Association Presence to self and the world

Le Grail
Route de St Agrève
07320 Devesset
tel: 04 75 29 70 97

The nearest station is St Etienne, it is also the most convenient since there is a direct bus line to Saint Agrève (about 2:00)..
Here is the company:
From Valence the access is less direct since we must take two buses :
Taxi Carré : 04 75 30 25 25