The Place

The Village du Lac is located at more than 1100 m altitude, above the Devesset lake on the Plateau du Lignon-Vivarais in Haute Ardèche. It is accessible to the east by Valence, to the west by Le Puy en Velay, to the north by St Etienne and Lyon.  It has a continental climate and the 4 seasons are fully present... In winter, the place regularly disappears under the snow, it's time for repairs, hot chocolate and walks around the frozen lake. In spring the green flora redraw mountains, forests, meadows and the fauna also shows its face. In summer the sun is the master of the place and it's time for wild blueberries. Autumn offers us a palette of the most extraordinary colours.

The place hosts the Association Présence à soi et au monde whose main activity is to host internships, retreats and other events. It has 6 hectares of forests and meadows in which are distributed the 6 activity rooms from 40 to 150m2 as well as meditation and yoga areas. The Loire Eyrieux and Doux pavilions have 83 beds, the camping areas are spread over the site and everyone can find a quiet place. The restaurant has 2 terraces, one in the east for sunrise and the other in the west for sunset, facing the lake.

Our sole ambition is to offer the public a high-quality programme in an exceptional setting and in a preserved natural environment. All the permanent people as well as a large part of the volunteers practice their spiritualities on the place, in particular the Vedas of India. The result is an atmosphere of great serenity, joy, kindness and hospitality.