The spirit of the place

Nature and the Spirit are the masters of the place. Through a cosmic dance in the bosom of the eternal presence, they constantly invite us to slow down and stay in touch. They carry us with strength and nobility to our true essence, our divine essence.

The forces of the elements involved : earth, water, wind, fire and ether as well as altitude, plateau, low population density, the presence of the lake, the three rivers (Loire, Doux and Eyrieux), forests of birches, beeches, oaks and thorns help us to stand up and take root permanently in the earth and in the heavens.

The energy laid down and rooted by the circles of people working on the place or spending a few days or a few times accompanies the inner transformation of each person with strength and gentleness within the wave of global evolution of consciences in motion on Earth. Love as essence, serenity as path, generosity as leitmotiv, fraternity as bond, the present moment as tempo, consciousness as existence.

Staff and residents support, as much as possible, the owners of the premises through their regular practices of meditation, yoga, drums, singing, dancing.... There is a very strong link with the Vedic and shamanic traditions. Rituals and celebration ceremonies are regularly performed: Agni Hotra, Sandhya Vandhana, Vedic anthems, Spiritdanse drumming, Heartbeat OpenSpace...

The cuisine is vegetarian without meat and fish. On request we can offer a vegan or vegan cuisine.
The Village du Lac is an alcohol-free.

Other retreats

Come and recharge your batteries on the premises individually to enjoy nature, silence and practices.

A time to rest, to finish a writing work, to meet again, today even more than yesterday, to take time for oneself and to recharge one's batteries is a luxury that everyone must be able to afford. Located in a large wilderness and only 1 hour from the big cities, the Village du lac is the ideal place for your free time...

On the site you may enjoy yoga sessions, singing evenings, somatopathy sessions, Vedic fire training, or rhythm alignment practices. You will have access to an independent kitchen to prepare your favourite dishes (only vegetarian and alcohol-free, please.) or you can go to the restaurant if it is in use.

Many paths start from the Village crossing forests and meadows. The surroundings of Devesset Lake have been completely renovated, with areas suitable for outdoor meditation or for your morning jogging.

Nearby, day hikes are possible, you can discover the springs of the Loire at Mont Gerbier de Jonc or climb the slopes of Mont Mezenc. On the "tourism" side, the country is dotted with villages typical of the Ardèchois plateau with loze roofs...

Welcome to the Lake Village for your free time!


Volunteering in the lake village is an exchange between you and the association "Présence à soi et au monde". It is the pleasure of working together for the same purpose, of sharing common values, of putting oneself at the service of Nature and the Mystery. You have two choices of accommodation, either in camping or in rooms of 2 or 3. Please specify your choice when you register. If you are camping please bring your own equipment. If you are in a room we provide you with sheets and blankets, however, please bring your own towels. The needs...

Vedic retreat

Vedic retreats are an opportunity to become aware of the Vedic Tradition, Vedic practices such as Sandhya Vandana, Agni Hotra, Aishwara Yoga ... as tools for Awakening to Consciousness.

The team

The team working in the service of the Association Presence to oneself and to the world and to the development of this place is united around common universal spiritual values. Most of us practice daily spiritual asceticism and are connected to the great Masters of India.

We gathered to live a collective experience, a simple life, close to nature, a conscious and respectful life of the earth and natural laws (Dharma). Live in harmony with the deep meaning of existence and the nature of reality. Participate in the process of evolution and transformation of consciousness.
Adults, adolescents, children, employees or volunteers live here punctually or permanently to cultivate this energy of consciousness, joy of being and welcome to the service of all.